TKA series 1.0-1.5 ton electric balanced heavy forklifts

TKA series 1.0-1.5 ton electric balanced heavy forklifts


TKA series 1.0-1.5 ton electric balanced heavy forklifts

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Product Features:

TKA three-fulcrum balanced heavy forklift is a light forklift truck, which is more suitable for narrow space and floor operation due to its small size and light weight.

The level of handling

Stowed in narrow passage

● Advanced Curtis controller, more stable and safer.

● The maintenance-free AC drive system enables the vehicle to respond more quickly and accurately, and the whole AC system is optional.

● Pure electric steering, small steering force, comfort and energy saving.

● Multi - way valve control fork lift, tilt, high control accuracy.

● Standard speed limit for turning and high lift.

● Standard with maximum lifting height electric limit.



● Three braking systems. No matter whether the vehicle is in working condition, it can provide the necessary safety protection for the vehicle or operator.

● Ramp auxiliary braking system. When the ramp starts, the system immediately exerts an opposing force on the tires to prevent the vehicle from moving back.

● Battery sink design, so that the lower center of gravity body to play an excellent stability and more carrying capacity.

Energy saving

● Pure electric steering, electric automatic temperature control system and other technologies, so that the vehicle range is strong.


● When the door frame falls to the bottom, the cushioning technology greatly reduces the door frame impact and reduces cargo damage.

● Adjustable steering wheel and seat position.

Product video:

Electric balanced heavy fork lift truck