About us

Quanzhou Ali Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 2016. Located in Quanzhou, the cultural capital of Southeast Asia, quanzhou is also the source of the economically active One Belt and One Road, with a deep cultural heritage. Transportation is convenient and logistics are developed.

It is in this cultural and economic environment that Ali industry was born and developed.

Ali Industries focuses on sales: industrial equipment and accessories, forklifts and accessories, handling equipment, storage equipment, hardware products, lubricants, safety protection products, cleaning products; Machinery equipment and handling equipment rental and maintenance services.

In line with the economic development of Southern Fujian add bricks and tiles, conscientious, meticulous; In the logistics and handling equipment industry deeply cultivated. Its brands include: Mekos forklift, Hangzhou forklift, Kimpeng electric forklift, Marciel electric cleaning equipment (electric sanitation vehicle) and other well-known brands, which have become strategic cooperative relations in the market development.

In the expansion of the market, the general price war has become a difficult point for Alex to maintain quality. Alex insists that product quality is the first priority and would rather explain the price for a while than explain the poor quality for a lifetime. This is a principle of Alex's product management.

Providing high quality after-sale service is also the principle that Alli people always adhere to, and it also wins the public praise of the market and users for Alli industry.

With the development and upgrading of logistics equipment, logistics equipment will develop towards the direction of intelligence and Internet of things. In order to meet the needs of The Times and the market, Ali has also strengthened its service efforts, upgraded its service system and enhanced its service capability.

Come and embrace change with Alex Industries! The future is full of challenges and opportunities!