MCA15 driving three-way forklift three-way stacking truck

MCA15 driving three-way forklift three-way stacking truck


MCA15 driving three-way forklift three-way stacking truck

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Product Features:

MCA15 car type three spinning in piling car has a unique goods fork, lateral institutions, which can realize the goods fork around 180 ° rotation and lateral movement, stacking is widely used in logistics, medicine, food, the high and low temperature cold storage field narrow stacker, loading and unloading, short-distance transport operations, is to achieve high goods storage, improve its, improve labor efficiency of ideal machine.

I believe 48V full AC system, standard with pure electric steering;

I believe import 3H channel steel door frame structure,6.5m no loss of load;

I believe the suspension seat with OPS function;

I believe full wheel braking, vehicle regenerative braking, front wheel hydraulic drum braking, parking electromagnetic braking;

Execute drive wheel Angle display;

Rotate the side-shift interlock function;

I believe the complete system with standard HD wireless video system;

I believe the side pull battery;


1. Common optional functions

Set your magnetic navigation roadway mode, which can be equipped with the deceleration protection function for entering and leaving the roadway

I believe the electric proportional system, thumb switch operation, can be equipped with height pre-selection function

I believe the fork side rotation linkage, you can be equipped with basic loading position walking and lifting protection, high speed limit and other series of safety functions

2. Common non-standard items

I try to widen the slide frame or add baffle and lengthen the fork, which is suitable for pallets of different sizes and roadways of different sizes;

I believe the lifting height of the door frame is non-standard customization and the closing height of the door frame is non-standard customization, which is suitable for different top height and door high working condition requirements;

I believe the size of the outside pitch of the guide wheel is non-standard, which is suitable for different guide size requirements;

I believe the bridge frame should be lengthened and the cargo fork frame widened, which is suitable for a larger tray size;

I believe increase the shelf block to meet the customer's demand for registration;

Product video:

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