Balanced heavy lifting fork lift truck

Balanced heavy lifting fork lift truck


Balanced heavy lifting fork lift truck

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The balanced and heavy lifting forklift can stack goods without pallets, saving the cost of purchasing and maintaining pallets, and saving the storage space

Product features

1. Rated load: 1000-2000kg supports non-standard customization;

2. Operation mode: driver type;

3. Ac drive, strong power, driving speed can be set as needed;

4. Optional lithium iron phosphate battery for electrical system, safe and efficient;

5. Accessories can be customized according to actual working conditions;

6. Multiple safety protection; (Optional alarm lamp, blue light, photoelectric protection, security touch border protection, laser security scanner)

7. Support all kinds of customized requirements;

8. You can get on and off the truck with refrigerators and other electrical appliances. You can do outdoor work.