ME series 3.0-4.0 ton pallet trucks

ME series 3.0-4.0 ton pallet trucks


ME series 3.0-4.0 ton pallet trucks

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Product Features:

The ME series forklift is a pallet truck mainly used for point-to-point flat handling, powered by batteries, with a maximum carrying capacity of 4.0T.

● Horizontal handling of medium and heavy load goods;

● Medium and long distance handling;

● Suitable for logistics, storage, food, textile, printing, cold chain and other industries.

● Maintenance-free high-power AC drive system, providing reliable driving power;

● Standard CURTIS series controller, reliable and durable; AMP waterproof and dustproof plug-in, providing reliable protection of the line, greatly reducing electrical faults;

● Station board type, pure electric steering, integrated control handle, safe, labor-saving, flexible operation;

● Mechanical structure of solid material, the key parts of the use of high strength steel plate, strong and durable.



● Station driving type standard power distribution steering, so that the control more portable and flexible;

● The latest CURTIS ac control system, accurate and stable control, higher efficiency.


● The pedal of station driving adopts shock absorption design, which greatly improves the comfort of station riding and reduces the fatigue of driving for a long time;

● Integrated control handle, simple and beautiful, all operation functions can be easily completed with one hand;


● With release brake, reverse brake and emergency brake three braking functions, to ensure the safety of driving;

● Station driving standard speed with the steering Angle to increase the automatic reduction of the function.

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