MC Series 1.0-1.5 ton three-way forklift (station driving type)

MC Series 1.0-1.5 ton three-way forklift (station driving type)


MC Series 1.0-1.5 ton three-way forklift (station driving type)

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Product Features:

MC series three spinning in piling car has a unique goods fork, lateral institutions, which can realize the goods fork around 180 ° rotation and lateral movement, stacking is widely used in logistics, medicine, food, the high and low temperature cold storage field narrow stacker, loading and unloading, short-distance transport operations, is to achieve high goods storage, improve its, improve labor efficiency of ideal machine.

● High narrow roadway stacking

● Horizontal handling

● Load/unload the goods

● Unique rotating fork head sidesway mechanism and high strength door frame design, channel demand is minimal, the minimum net channel is 1500mm, lifting height is higher, the maximum lifting height is 9000mm, greatly improve the space utilization rate of the warehouse, increase the storage capacity;

● Advanced Curtis controller, more stable and safe full communication system, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection;

● The maintenance-free ac drive system makes the vehicle more rapid and accurate, the motor maintenance-free, long life, low noise, and very low maintenance cost.

● Standard power distribution steering, clear road sense, light and comfortable operation, safe and reliable;

● Large section door frame structure design, ensure the rigidity of the door frame, improve the load performance, very suitable for high warehouse;

● Imported hydraulic parts ensure the stability and reliability of the hydraulic system;

● Side pull battery, charging and maintenance convenient and fast.



● Regenerative braking, mechanical disc braking, double braking, safe and reliable three sets of braking system;

● Interlock function of rotation and lateral movement can avoid misoperation in the roadway and ensure safe operation of drivers;

● The lifting system is equipped with dropping buffer and lifting electronic limit to ensure good buffer at the lowest drop and the highest lift of the cargo, so as to ensure stable operation and safe use of the forklift;

● High-definition wireless video system, to ensure the high stacking driver vision, improve work efficiency and forklift safety;

Easy to operate, flexible and comfortable

● Standard electronic power steering, easy to operate, small turning radius and narrow body width, flexible and convenient operation;

● The fork can rotate 180° and move left and right side, which is convenient for three-way fork picking and stacking of goods, improving efficiency;

● The rear floating bridge design with body stabilization system improves the stability of the high pile, driving comfort and driving stability.

High degree of automation

● Optional magnetic guide function can cancel the installation of warehouse guide, the bottom shelf does not need to lay guide, greatly reduce the cost of warehouse construction, shorten the construction period; With automatic orbit entry function, driving direction is automatically corrected in the roadway without manual operation of the steering wheel, which reduces the labor intensity of drivers and improves labor efficiency; Derailment safety protection, automatic direction deviation protection, to ensure the safety of forklift truck driving in the roadway;

● Optional height pre-selection function, can set the lifting height in advance, realize semi-automatic stacking operation, greatly reduce the driver's labor intensity, improve labor efficiency;

● Optional cargo fork basic lifting walking safety protection, access roadway safety protection, loading high speed limit and other comprehensive safety protection functions;

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